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Re: [IP] Humalog refused by insurance & Novo

> I just wanted you to know that there was a product release on 12/26/01 by
> Novo and this is what it said "NovoLog is the first and only insulin
> indicated for use in insulin pumps."  It is possible that insurance
> may only pay for that insulin since it is the only approved drug for
> I am confused as to why Lilly waited so long when they knew this is what
> had in mind.  Formerly a pump rep.  Kathy O

Possibly, because they don't think it manners. a) Pumpers are a minority
among insulin users b) doctors are not restricted c) historically the
insurance companies have paid regardless and d)many doctors (my endo for
example) are going to prescribe humalog anyway if they think it is best (or
in some cases even just suitable).

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