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[IP] Re: Pump Clip - Animas

The current clip is a modification from the original
clip I received in February.  It was much slimmer, but
it was more prone to breaking and did not have as
large of a "hook" on the end to allow you to use it
upside down.  The current design really is a better
design for long term use.


Subject: Re: [IP] pump clip - animas

I wear my Animas with the clip or without, depending
on what my 
happens to be that day.  Personally, I prefer a wrap
around type 
have found that my Minimed wraparound , while it does
cover the row of 
buttons, can be used when I wear a belt- I just have
to push a little 
on the buttons to get them to depress, but if I do not
wear a belt I 
found no problems with the clip attached, and do like
having the 
ability to 
swivel the pump depending on which side of the body I
am wearing the 

aka Mouse

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