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[IP] Response to Pat's bg going up and a question

Ok, now a question for every one:  Today my blood
sugars were in the mid 200's - took a bolus to cover -
no results - infact kept getting higher to 358 despite
several boluses.  My last cartridge change was early
Sunday morning - do you think my insulin had degraded
by today?  I did eat garbage for lunch
(cheeseburger/onion rings) - so maybe that didn't help
either.  But when I bolus for highs I would expect
them to go lower not higher!!!

Pat (pumped!!!!!)

Pat another thing to consider is Did your sight become
loosened or dislodged? The first day on the pump,
12/10/01 my bg's where going up and we realized the
insertion sight was in correctly. It was a little
frustrating but I guess a good time to learn that can
happen. The cheeseburg and onion rings can do it to
with all the fats. I am learning how to do the square
wave and am having fairly good success but I haven't
gone wild quite yet. There is a cheesecake waiting for
me out there though, ha-ha.

Here's my question: A friend of mines father is
legally blind from diabetes and he is taking insulin
3x a day. He lives alone (far from his daughter) and
does draw up his own insulin but it appears he is
having problems.(understandable) Has anyone heard of
someone with sight problems using the pump? If so,
which model would be the most beneficial for someone
with really bad sight. I don't think the Mini-med
would be good (even thought I love mine) becaus of
filling the tube etc. 

As far as anyone with a child that is considering the
pump I whole heartedly say go for it. I've been
diabetic for 46 years and things have improved
tremendously. Hope everyone has a great, safe New
Year. Laurie 

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