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Re: Re:[IP] news worth sharing; Novolog approval for pumps

The Nordisk insulins are "approved for pumps because the insulin is buffered
to prevent clogging in the infusion sets infuser.

When I first went on the pump, Velosulin was the only insulin approved for
use in the MM pumps. It was in short
supply and was rationed for a while.

The rationing went like this, I had to call an 800 Nordisk number and order
bottles of insulin with a supplied ID number. The insulin was then shipped
to my drugstore for me to pickup.

It was a real pain in the A**. Several times the Drugstore idiots sold my
insulin to someone else.

When Humalog came out my doc told me that, while it was not "approved for
pumps yet", several people were using it with no problems...so if I wanted

 Of course, the literature on Humalog also warned you that it's action was
going to be so fast that when "eating out...you should wait until your food
was served to inject. To do otherwise may cause you to become hypo while
waiting." I am not sure if this warning was a marketing ploy or a bad joke.

In conclusion, I don't see Humalog clogging my pump...but I don't see it
working any faster than Velosulin either. I could use either one and be just
as well off ( or bad off).-James
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> >>>>    We're concerned that since NovoLog in the only APPROVED insulin
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