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[IP] Re: Holiday highs

<< just wondering if any one is having problems with highs this time of yr.
seems like there are soo many goodies arround - very tempting and if I 
borrow one, I can't return it then  my bs goes >200 just wondering if you 
take a 
unit her a unit there before endulging yourself >>

Hi David,

I have to admit it:  I'm indulging!  However, I am using the square wave 
bolus (I have a MiniMed 508) when I have these high-fat treats, and I've 
actually had more trouble with a few lows, not being high. 

YMMV, but I drift high 4-5 hours after having holiday goodies.  So I take a 
normal bolus, but follow it with a square bolus over 4 hours.  Takes some 
experimenting, and I don't have a "formula" to give you, but I've found what 
works for me, and I've been pleased with my BGs during Christmas week.

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