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[IP] Hi Guys!

Okay, I've been 'observing' for a couple of weeks (don't want to sound dumb 
or anything).  Thanks to everyone for your responses to my initial query.  I 
was so surprised to at the number of 'Hi's and 'Welcome to the group' I 
received.  As you have probably guessed, I am the world's worst 
correspondent.  So I hope you'll forgive me.  I think all the responses, but 
I haven't figured out how to 'HotSynch' my brain to the keyboard yet!

On the subject of which pump to get:  I've dealt with 5 different 
companies...I've lasted longer than some of them  Mill Hill, Autosyringe, 
Lilly and Minimed.  Since 12/13/01 I've been on the Animus R1000 - I love it! 
 What makes them different is the support that you receive from them.  After 
almost 30 years as a diabetic, 21 of pumping I am now getting CLOSE contact 
from the CDE to help straighten things out!  I am an RN and I think many 
times clinicians assume too much and may omit some info that might be 
helpful.  Bottom line is all the pumps do the same thing - most companies 
respond quickly in emergencies, with replacements etc - your doc's 
relationship with the rep is important - pump quality is similar from 
everyone (occasionally you will get a goofy infusion set but they've all been 
receptive to returns and exchanges).  I guess what I mean is you have to find 
the right fit for you and that has as much to do with your faith in your doc 
and the relationship with the company as it does with the mechanics of the 

I've tried straight needles, bent needles, sofsets, and now comfort 
sets....they all work, some are more comfortable than others.  I've never 
used an insertion device or ?Silhouettes?, but only because no one ever 
offered me any.

The one thing that drives me nuts about the pumper digest is having so much 
of the letter repeated - I don't know why that happens, so I'm trying to just 
'Write Mail' instead of reply or forward...we'll see if it works!

I guess I should write more frequently instead so much at once - SORRY.  And 
THANKS AGAIN for all your welcomes.  I really enjoy vicariously sharing your 
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