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[IP] Re: Quick sets vs Softsets

It seems that most prefer the Quicksets.  I tried them and while I liked that 
they were easier to use (I could even insert them without a serter), I prefer 
the Softsets.  I found that the Quicksets pulled out more easily.  The tape 
is stonger and that would stay on but the canula pulled out a few times.  
Also I felt that it left more of a mark that took longer to heal. I have gone 
back to the softsets but have kept the quicksets for emergencies when I don't 
have the inserter with me  (i.e. at work).  Also the softset tubing can be 
fed through a smaller opening such as I have cut in some of my clothes.  I 
was wearing a dress that I had cut a hole in and had to make it bigger to fit 
the end of the quicksets through it.

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