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[IP] Re: Novalog vs Humalog

I can't believe that they could substitute an insulin without discussing it 
with you and your doctor.  I also can't believe that an insurance company can 
decide which insulin you should use.  Everyone is different.  I switched to 
Novalog and I really like it and have found it to work much better for me - 
especially 2 hours after my meals but that doesn't mean it is right for 

Type 1, pumping for 2+ years, Novalog for about 3 months

> Went to pick up my Humalog refill yesterday at the pharmacy only to be
> served with a bottle of Novolog.  When I explained to the ditz (sorry) that
> that was incorrect and that I use Humalog, a flurry of activity ensued with
> the pharmacist.  When she finally presented me with the Humalog she said
> the problem had been that my insurance company wants me to use Novolog
> instead!! What the he** is going on?  I guess I will call my doctor today
> to verify, but I can't imagine he would have approved that subsitution.
> I've only been on the pump (with Humalog) for 6 months.  Yecchhhhhh!
> Has anyone else experienced their insurance company's attempting to switch
> insulins?? I'm steamed!!
> Thanks much,
> Barbara
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