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Re:[IP] news worth sharing; Novolog approval for pumps

>>>>    We're concerned that since NovoLog in the only APPROVED insulin for
insulin pump use, all insurance companies will decide it will be the only
one for which they'll pay when you use a pump. >>>

The article said:  "The new approval makes NovoLog the first and only
insulin analog to be indicated for use with the pumps, according to Novo

Note, it said ""insulin analog." Nordisk's Velosulin is also the only
approved insulin for use in pumps. People still use(d) Lilly Regular and I
don't know why Nordisk can get approval and not Lilly (for R or Humalog).
But as it has been stated on this list many times, what the physician Rx's
for use is what is supposed to be honored. (~_^)

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