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[IP] re: pump for a small child

<<Sybil Fisher wrote:
Does anyone do insertions while the child is asleep?  Do any of you use Emla
cream to deaden the insertion site?  Does that work well?>>

We've done changeouts on Luke,7, while asleep only if it's to replace
a site that isn't working (bent cannula or pulled out from evening play
are the main causes for us).  He wakes for as long as it takes to do
the change, mainly because we have to turn on the lights to find a good
site.  He says "ouch", then rolls over & goes back to sleep.  We use
the QuickSets with the inserter & have never used Emla cream - wouldn't
want to because it takes so long to work.  We keep the next round of
supplies ready for a changeout in a box in the bathroom - if hubby &
I are working together, we can do a full changeout (insulin/syringe/
infusion set) in about 15 min. & just an infusion set in about 5 min.
Plus we noticed that the 1 hr. with Emla cream in the hospital for an
IV or blood test on our kids is just 1 hr. of dread - the pain is gone
in a minute if you can just get them to that point.  

We have had to hold Luke down for the 1st time we did a infusion site
(I'm sure his pump trainer remembers that - we had it in him before
he knew it), plus when we used a new set (first QuickSet), and maybe
1 or 2 other times.  Not any more often than we had to hold him down
for shots.  He's fine as soon as it's done, and hubby & I are fine 
after he's fine & the next bg test is okay (beer helps us too).  You
will probably have to hold a 3 yr old down a few times but it should
get easier.  

Even on the worst day (like this weekend, when we got to do 3 site
changes in 24 hrs due to tummy muscles & rough playing), Luke still wants
to stay on a pump rather than go back to MDI.

Good luck,
Shelly V., Austin, Tx, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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