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Re: [IP] Quickset Vs. Softset ??

In addition to the benefits Michael pointed out, we found that
the lower profile of the QuickSet causes it to get caught on 
clothing less, and that the "gentle touch" required to disconnect
is much easier for our son to do than the SofSet.  Some people
do get frustrated until they master the light touch (like my
husband who just gets our son to do all the disconnects/reconnects).
The QuickSets stick really well to his skin.  We've used them 
since April.

Recently though we're going to have to go to Silhouettes on
the tummy & use Quicksets only on the hips/back because it
appears that his tummy is so muscular now.  Luke lost 5 lbs
from not having to eat for his insulin when he started pumping & 
is growing rapidly but much leaner then when on MDI, so his 
endo thinks most of the tummy fat disappeared
& that the shallower angle on Silhouettes would hold better,
as was suggested on this list.

My suggestion is try them but YMMV.  MiniMed should do
a split order for you if SofSets have worked well so far.  
Good luck!
Shelly V, Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

<<<Michael English <email @ redacted>

Quickset benefits

1. Disconnect at the site rather than the tail.
2. No extra tape is needed to hold the site on your skin, the quickset 
has very strong tape in a circular pattern that provides.
3. After the set goes into skin the needle that's pulled out has a 
plastic cover that folds over for normal garbage disposal.
4. It's easier to load the quick set into the quickserter than the 

Can't think of any more benefits but there are a couple I'm missing.

jason putzer wrote:

> I need to order supplies from Minimed (I use 508) I've yet to use 
> Quicksets but I can now order them........Can someone tell me the 
> benefits over the Softsets????   >>>

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