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Re: [IP] My doctor quit me as a patient!!!!

Oh Cherry, This guy (I won"t even honor him by referring to him as a doctor) 
sounds like a REAL JERK! How long have you been going to him???
I can't believe he treated you that way. I think you should think "good 
riddance" of bad rubbish

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From: "Cherry M. Dumas" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] My doctor quit me as a patient!!!!
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 15:04:33 -0700

     I went to the doctor today, as a lot of you know, my sugars have been 
over the board...but mainly going up above 600.
Maybe you need to change a basal rate, or your carb. bolus????? I know I  
suddenly have a dreadful dawn effect all of a sudden, and am raising one 
tonite (12 AM)

     Well I was dreading today...my mind must've been telling me something, 
my doctor wouldn't even listen to me. He told me that he is no longer my
doctor, that he is sending me back to my old doctor...There is know way in
Hades that I am going back to THAT guy...

You will be much better off finding a new doctor.

     My doctor outright told me that I am eating too much...when I told him 
much I am eating...a bowl of cereal for breakfast, most of the time no lunch
and a normal dinner, with very little snacking in between, he told me I was 
liar, and that obviously I am eating too much. He told me that if I was 
2 carrots a day, then I need to eat just 1 carrot...He said that the reason 
sugars are going up is because I am eating too much, which is making me gain
the weight, and that I have NO MOTIVATION to take care of my diabetes! Can 
believe the gal of this guy.

Are you gaining weight??????? Or is it a basal rate or bolus problem???

     He wouldn't even listen to me about my sugars, and HE REFUSED TO DO AN 
ON ME!!!!! Though he did run a thyroid screen...

Why did you let him do this if he is not going to see you again?????

feel that I don't want to go to another doctor...but of course I can't do 
that, so
Wednesday I get to call my insurance and find out what doctors are in my 
that I can go to, and I am also going to report his behavior to them...

Yes to both of the above. Find another doctor and report this one to your 
insurance. Altho, from my experience, the reporting will do no good.  Good 

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