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Re: [IP] My doctor quit me as a patient!!!!

i am sorry this happened to you. I wont say I cant believe the guy but... I 
can. SOme doctors arent that good and others tend to like to "pass the buck" 
onto someone else when they dont want to do a job.
It cant be the docs fault that he hasnt figured out why your blood is so high 
- no its because you eat. Well go figure were did you ever get the idea to 
eat?? ( Just kidding:) ).
My doctor gave up on me once before and I said before you do put me in the 
hopsital and fix me first. So... He switched my medicine and made it better- 
not perfect but...
Also maybe a new doctor would be a good thing for you . I mean you wont have 
to take the abuse any more and you might even get better control of your life 
I mean you want a doctor who will listen to you and take into consideration 
your life style, your needs and wants and your health mainly. 
I think that if my doc was to call me a Liar I would start to lie to him just 
so he wouldnt belittle me. 
Anyways I hope it all works out for you and although relationships are hard 
to end i think this ending was a good one . 
Good luck 

G B Jennifer   B E
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