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Re: [IP] My doctor quit me as a patient!!!!

Happy you are back, Cherry.  Hope you get a good doctor.  Good luck in 
the control.

Cherry M. Dumas wrote:

>Well everyone,
>    I went to the doctor today, as a lot of you know, my sugars have been all
>over the board...but mainly going up above 600.
>    Well I was dreading today...my mind must've been telling me something, for
>my doctor wouldn't even listen to me. He told me that he is no longer my
>doctor, that he is sending me back to my old doctor...There is know way in
>Hades that I am going back to THAT guy...
>    My doctor outright told me that I am eating too much...when I told him how
>much I am eating...a bowl of cereal for breakfast, most of the time no lunch
>and a normal dinner, with very little snacking in between, he told me I was a
>liar, and that obviously I am eating too much. He told me that if I was eating
>2 carrots a day, then I need to eat just 1 carrot...He said that the reason my
>sugars are going up is because I am eating too much, which is making me gain
>the weight, and that I have NO MOTIVATION to take care of my diabetes! Can you
>believe the gal of this guy.
>    My mom had an app with him today too, and he reamed her out and called her
>a liar too...
>    He wouldn't even listen to me about my sugars, and HE REFUSED TO DO AN A1c
>ON ME!!!!! Though he did run a thyroid screen...
>    Oh...he also said that I am in DENIAL of my diabetes!
>    Can you believe the absolute gall of this guy? I am soooo mad, I feel that
>I don't want to go to another doctor...but of course I can't do that, so
>Wednesday I get to call my insurance and find out what doctors are in my area
>that I can go to, and I am also going to report his behavior to them...for I
>feel that they shouldn't have to pay for it, and neither am I...
>    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent here...
>    You guys are all great!
>Cherry and Jubilee
>Angels have visited humanity by streams and in deserts, by cradles, by alters
>and by bedsides.
>Angels have touched us at the most earthly of places, but they have seldom
>left us the same way they found us.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml