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[IP] RE: 3 sites falling out

>...noticed the set had fallen out and was sitting on my skin instead of in 
it. It must have just happened because my blood was fine. So I went on with 
the change... The next 24 hours my blood was ok a little high but I just 
thought it was PMS. IT got real high Thursday afternoon so I changed my set 
again... It was also sitting on my skin not in it. So I put another set in 
and I think this one is OK now. The question is why would this happen?<

This can happen with some Soft-sets and once in a while with 
Comfort/Tender/Silhouette sets.  
Check your insertion and taping technique, or change the location, or switch 
to a different set.

This would happen to some of my former patients, and the solution was usually 
one of the above options, especially for abdomen sites. 
I have had more people using Soft-sets have this happen than with other sets. 
It could be related to your anatomy, and the amount of tissue movement even 
with normal activity. 

Good luck!
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