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[IP] 3 sites have fallen out in 2 days

can anyone help me? i am going to take my pump out to for a game of baseball 
heres the problem. On wednesday I changed my site and noticed the set had 
fallen out and was sitting on my skin istead of in it. It must have just 
hapened because my blood was fine. So i went on with  the change... The next 
24 hours my blood was ok a little high but i just thought it was PMS. IT got 
real high thrusday afternoon so I changed my set again... It was also sitting 
on my skin not in it. So I put another set in and I think this one is ok now.
The question is why would this happen?
The first set was on m belly on the left, the 2nd on the right.
This is the procedure i do.
I use alcohol to clean the area, use barrier protective wipe, insert, tape 
with the tape the set comes with, and then put a barrier without one of those 
holes on it.
My daily routine has not changed any- like i am not running, jumping, 
flailing around any more than usual..
LIke i sad last night if this site falls out I wont be using my pump for a 
while. IT s just really bothering me now.
Thanks for the help or advice :) 
G B Jennifer Hughes B E
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