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re: [IP] Re: Humalog being refused by insurance??

>I have heard of a insurance company doing a deal with Medicare or Blue 
>Cross where they would only cover one type of insulin for Insulin Pumpers.
>Humalog vs. Novolog.  I attended a IP forum at the Johns Hopkins a couple 
>of weeks ago and the Novolog rep. was there and she presented this new 
>insulin to us.  It seemed very similar and some of the Pumpers that 
>switched did say that they noticed a little difference.  The pumpers in 
>our group that tried it liked it better than Humalog.  But,  I'm like you 
>if my sugars aren't broken then I don't need a change.

All I can say is, I hope that my insurance doesn't get it into their heads 
that they should only pay for Novolog for the pump, since my endo thinks I 
may be allergic to it.  I had an awful time when I tried it, higher than 
normal bgs, and my site didn't even last 2 days without redness and 
discomfort.  It makes me sad that the insurance companies always think that 
"one size fits all"...

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