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[IP] Novolog (Insulin Aspart) vs Humulog (Insulin Lispro)

Subject: [IP] Re: Humalog being refused by insurance??

Hello, all -

Went to pick up my Humalog refill yesterday at the pharmacy only to be
served with a bottle of Novolog.  When I explained to the ditz (sorry) that
that was incorrect and that I use Humalog, a flurry of activity ensued with
the pharmacist.  When she finally presented me with the Humalog she said
the problem had been that my insurance company wants me to use Novolog
instead!! What the he** is going on?  I guess I will call my doctor today
to verify, but I can't imagine he would have approved that subsitution.
I've only been on the pump (with Humalog) for 6 months.  Yecchhhhhh!

Has anyone else experienced their insurance company's attempting to switch
insulins?? I'm steamed!!

Thanks much,
- ----------------------------------------------------------
unless you live in a state like ny which requires your doc to print d.a.w. in
a little box on the prescription blank you pharmacist cannot substitute drugs
at will no matter what insurance WANTS! Humulog is not the same as Novolog
both have different length of action on onset of action. In the future to
avoidf this have your doc write do not substitute on the blank or get a new
pharmacy. Novolog is not a new kind of Humulog it is a different insulin
analog. About the only medical decision that insurers allow doctors to make
without consulting them first is what to prescribe. spot
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