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[IP] Re: Physical Intimacy

I generally keep the pump connected during intimate moments.  It 
usually floats free around me and gets moved as needed...no different 
than having long hair;->

Also, if your boyfriend is as supportive as he sounds, it seems to me 
that food could be used to add to the experience instead of interrupt 
it.  I keep candy or glucose tablets in my nightstand where I can 
always reach them or he can...  Food gets incorporated into our 
"rituals" and makes us feel even closer.  It is a "tradition" for my 
boyfriend to bring me a glass of juice after (or sometimes something 
more romantic or fancy) or I bring us both something or we already 
have an indoor picnic set up to share during cuddle time.  Or at 
least one of us thought to have some Lifesavers in our pockets!

The pairing of food and physical intimacy is a time honored 
tradition.  If you're stuck with a necessity you might as well be 
adventurous and make it an enjoyable game.

Hopefully not too offensive...

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