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Re: [IP] Physical Intimacy, D, and Pumping

I always disconnect during intimate moments.  I have had sets ripped out 
when I didn't.  Also, I tend to go low right afterward if Idon't 
disconnect...and sometimes even when I do.  I always eat something as soon 
as we're done...like crackers and cheese, something with carbs and fat to 
hold me up for a while.  When I do any kind of activity, my bgs go down 
later, rather than immediately.  Maybe when you are active that impacts you 
sooner than most people.  I would advise disconnecting and then eating a 
little snack right after.  Or perhaps you could drink like a 1/2 cup of 
juice or something beforehand.  It's all trial and error, unfortunately.  
You just have to find what works best for you.  It took us a while, but at 
least it's for a good cause ;)  Just explain to your bf what is going on and 
he'll probably understand and work with you to find what's best.  Good luck!

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