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[IP] Physical intimacy & Pumping - Male Experience

I've tried disconnecting and staying connected. Disconnecting seemed better 
(see next paragraph for why) but found out sometimes I would forget to 
reconnect and not remember how much insulin wasn't delivered (rarely do I 
suspend the pump - beeping is annoying) so I've learned to start a timer when 
I disconnect - when I reconnect I see the timer and see how long I've been 
off so I know a base to calculate what I missed - use a pocket timer I got 
from Radio shack a few years ago that is discrete and silent.

Tried keeping connected using thigh pocket thing - sucessful a couple of 
times but during those times we both were very cautious.  Last time the 
infusion set was ripped out causing unexpected pain and a curtailment of 
intimacy while I went home to replace the set.  

As with many items on the list, you take the advice that sounds like it will 
work best for you and beat it into submission until it does.  Good Luck 
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