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Re: [IP] Diabetes auto-immune disease

Kim asks: First she got a flu virus that attacked her betta cells.  I have
many articles where experts say that Diabetes type 1 is an auto-immune
disease.  What I am wondering is if this happens every time with someone who
gets type 1.  Did everyone on this list who has type 1 diabetes first get a
flu like virus? 
Cory had been on steroids for his asthma for 2 years prior to his diabetes
dx.  AFTER his diabetes dx, my pulmonary specialist, Cory's CDE and numerous
other medical personnel informed me that IF a person was predisposed to get
diabetes, steriods COULD cause it to begin sooner than it normally would
have.  We have an extremely strong family history of type 2 diabetes and when
Cory was dx'd with type 1 my doctor immediately took me off the steroids that
I was on.  Cory is the only family member with type 1 however his maternal
grandfather is an insulin dependent type 2. As for the dx following an
illness, that would be impossible to determine in Cory's case as he was
always sick due to allergies and asthma. It seemed like he had lived on
antibiotics since he was 2 weeks old.  The odd thing though, is that once he
began using insulin (at age 9), he hasn't been sick very much!  He's probably
only had antibiotics once in the past 3 years.
Susan S.
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