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Re: [IP] unexplained low-grade fevers

catherine popper wrote:
> A few years ago I started having these low-grade
> fevers that made me feel really hot and exhausted,
> sometimes with swollen glands in my neck.(snip) But
> I still get the fevers, at least once a week with no
> pattern as to what brings them on. The overwhelming
> fatigue I feel when the fevedrs come is nearly
> debilitating. Anyone else?

I've had something similar for YEARS. Never anything diagnosable, and
docs wouldn't even recognize it as a fever -- when my normal is 97
degrees, then 99 is a fever, but doesn't seem out of line to book
specialists. And I also get swollen glands too, which are sometimes

At any rate, I just learned to take a fever reducer -- for me, Tylenol,
but for others, possibly aspirin or an NSAID -- which usually relieves
the yucky feeling enough for me to function. 

I noticed someone else said she had fevers and also Polyglandular
Auto-immune Syndrome -- I never connected the two, but I do have
auto-immune Thyroiditis, dunno whether the diabetes is auto-immune or
not, but clearly I have the predisposition for auto-immunity, and this
COULD be related.
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