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Re: [IP] unexplained low-grade fevers

Catherine Said:
>A few years ago I started having these low-grade
>fevers that made me feel really hot and exhausted,
>sometimes with swollen glands in my neck. After
>testing me for everything one could imagine, my doctor
>couldn't find a single thing wrong with me. I finally
>met a woman who said she had the same thing and it
>correlated with taking too much insulin. So I backed
>of on my NPH (pumping now) and it seemed to help. But
>I still get the fevers, at least once a week with no
>pattern as to what brings them on. The overwhelming
>fatigue I feel when the fevedrs come is nearly
>debilitating. Anyone else?

I have constant low-grade (and sometimes not so low-grade) fever that never 
goes away.  No one ever suggested to me that it had anything to do with 
insulin.  Docs always assumed it was because of PGA.

Only a few times has a fever ever been debilitating, but always just made me 
feel yucky.

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