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[IP] "I am FINE!!!!!"

It made me laugh when I read the mail: "I am FINE!" As an IDDM for more than 
45 years, with horrible low bg's, at times, my hubby tells we of the times he 
had tried, unsuccessfully, to force a glucotab, or some O.J. on me. I'd 
always say: "I'm fine!!! Of course, I'd collapse, soon after, the paramedics 
would be called, yada, yada, yada!

Tried to figure out why I'd refuse help. I certainly wasn't "fine." My 
thought is that when I first developed diabetes, in the late 1950's, the 
thought was to have NO sugar. When I'm nearly comatose because of a low bg, 
perhaps the only part of the brain that's functioning, makes me think and 
say: "I'm fine...leave me alone!" I've gotten really nasty.

The MiniMed 508 (since late June, 2001) is the best thing I could have done 
for myself and for anyone around me. Very few low bg's and, if I do have 
them, I can fix it, without help, really fast. No more hypo unawareness.

email @ redacted
45+ years. IDDM, usually looney-tunes, no relation to hypos!
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