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[IP] Auto Immune Disease

I became diabetic (type I) after I had an infection. Dr.'s did 2 round of
blood work to 'grow' the virus/bacteria (can't remember which?) before they
finally found something that would fight it. I was 22 at the time. After the
infection was gone(~2.5 months of drugs), I started to develop the symptoms
of diabetes (starving all the time, extreme thirst, rapid weight loss...).
Oddly enough I had blood work done (a1c, blood glucose, as well as many
others) while I was sick. Unfortunately, I did not recognize the symptoms of
D. but luckily the school Dr did! My family/friends were thinking of
intervening as they were sure I must have been throwing up all of that food
I was eating. I was even using a high-calorie weight gainer powder that when
mixed with milk had 1500 calories trying to gain weight in addition to my
normal food. I am the only one in my family with D.

The dr's at the hospital told me that my D. was 'caused' by the infection.
If I remember correctly I read recently that the current medical belief is
that infections merely 'trigger' the onset and that my genes are prone to D.
I am sure that Spot or someone else would have the full story. :)
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