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[IP] Weight loss and gain on the pump

I lost 18 pounds since the pump the weight loss was slow - over a 2 1/2 year
period. I did cut back on serving sizes. When you measure out food according
to serving sizes it puts a lot into perspective. When I begin measuring things
out, I could never eat that much of one thing.

Weight watchers tells people to eat fruits and veggies first, then meat then
potatoes or starches, supposedly you fill up on the good things first and eat
less of the potatoes.

I know the American Diabetes Association recognizes weight loss programs like
tops, some weight watchers programs need a prescription from a doctor.

And exercise is always recommended, 20 minutes of walking briskly burns the
calories you eat in the day- depending on high ticket items like chocolate
cake and chocolate chip cookies. 30 minutes a day, you start burning stored
calories, but more and more time you burn more and more stored fat.

On the pump, I cut my supper dose in half because I know I will be exercising
and recheck after the workout. Generally my BG is just fine. Also my basal
rate is .1 less during the evening and I do try to exercise every night during
that time. On days when I cannot, I give myself the full dose at supper time.
Happy Holiday pumping from Sharon and B. Gumby
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