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[IP] pump clip - animas

I have had my animas pump for one year and love the pump but don't use the
clip at all.  Like other posts, I find that it digs into the skin, etc.  It
does not stay parallel to your belt, waistband like many beeper clips, etc.
Also when it was clipped at my waist I found myself bumping it into things and
getting caught on things because I would forget it was there, etc.  The
alternative I have found is that I just put it in my front pants pocket all
the time.  I work in an attorneys office and wear "dockers type pants" most of
the time and the pockets work fine.  Other times I just put it in my jeans
pocket, flannel pants pocket for wear at home, etc.  Some jeans are too tight
for it to fit comfortabley in the front pocket and then I just put it in my
back pocket. II have never had anyone comment on my pump at all being in my
pocket.   I am slim and the pockets work much better for me than the clip.  I
tried the clip for the first week or so and decided against it totally.  Also,
by always keeping my pump in a pocket I never had to keep it in the case,
worry about it getting dirty, etc.  When wearing nice dress slacks and pant
suits I just run the tubing down my leg and put the pump in the top of a
"knee-high" pair of socks or hose. (I did this at 2 xmas parties in the last
week and when sitting down to eat just crossed my legs, pulled the pump out of
my sock and bolused, pretty much all hidden under the long table cloths on the
table - no one noticed at all) I use the 23 inch tubing, am 5 ft 5 inches and
this tubing works for me.  When wearing dresses, I have found for me the best
place for pump storage is to wear a sports bra and then depending on the
design of the dress I either place my pump inside the bra band right under one
of my arms or else right in the middle of the front of the sports bra.
Good luck on finding new places to wear your pump!  Be creative!!
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