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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemia unaware and pump

Hi Barbara,

>Was this problem one of the reasons for going on pump therapy?

Not the prime reason, but it was definately a factor.

>Are you willing to give me an example of one incident of low BG where >you 
>had a problem because of a lack or warning symptoms?

I passed out on the sofa at my boyfriend's house.  I had no idea I had a low 
blood sugar, until it was so bad I coldn't do anything to help myself.

>After starting pump therapy were your BG targets raised to help avoid these 


>What was the target range?

Target is currently 120

>Assuming a return of warning signs and symptoms, how long did it take >for 
>you to notice a return of warning symptoms?

Have daily lows in the morning that I am not aware of until I test before 
breakfast.  Had only one low during the afternoon that I was aware of.

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