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[IP] Re: Ultralente to pump

Hi, Laurel,

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking as far as making the transition
from Ultralente to pump use, but I've been on the pump for almost two
weeks now, and I was on MDI with Ultralente, Regular, Humalog, and Lente.
 The Ultralente served as a type of basal insulin, although it is
supposed to have a slight peak to it.  I had to wean off the Ultralente
36 hours before starting on the pump, so that it wouldn't be in my

You'll probably have to do something similar--just check your blood
sugars frequently.  Once on the pump, your CDE will work with you as far
as a starting basal rate and insulin/carb ration.  From there, you'll
fine tune your rates.

Hope this helped answer your question!  I love the pump, even though I'm
still working on my rates, and I'm sure you'll love it, too!

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