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[IP] Summer Camp in Russia

The following message was received by Insulin-Pumpers from a non-member. It
is being reposted here because it may be of interest to some of our members.
We know nothing about any of the organizations or people involved in this
announcement and have not confirmed any of the information in the message.
Therefore Insulin-Pumpers.org does not endorse or certify any of the
information provided.

Patrick G. Jobe
One of the Volunteer Insulin-Pumpers Administrators.
From: Yekaterinburg Diabetes Association<email @ redacted>
Subject: Russian summer camp for chilren and teenagers with diabetes
Reply-To: email @ redacted
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 21:06:43 +0500

Good day, dear friends.

Yekaterinburg Diabetes Association (WWW-site in Russian language
http://diabet.apteka.ru/smile) in collaboration with The goverment of
Sverdlovskaya Oblast (The Urals, Russia) has developed a new program for
children and teenagers with diabetes: international summer camp in Russia,
The Urals. (Official www-site for this project is http://diabetescamp.KM.ru
in english and will be opened after New Year).

The Camp will take place on July, 2002. It will last for 4 weeks, during
which time russian and foreign people with diabetes from all regions of
Russia and many countries can have an excellent chance to communicate,
establish friendship relations, learn more about diabetes and selfcontrol
and - of course - enjoy beautiful nature of The Ural lakes and mountains.
First two weeks will be spent at the unique Urals camp for children and
teenagers with diabetes - Nizhnie Sergy residence at the heart of the middle
Urals. Tourist trips with the history of several generations will be the
part of staying there. Next week will be one week residence at the lake
Uvildy - the most beatiful place and the honor of the southern Urals. And
the last week is dedicated to exploration of Yekaterinburg city - the most
ancient place at The Urals with its long traditions and intelligent culture.

During staying at The Urals all children will be under the permanent
qualified control of the best russian and foreign doctors and nurses.
Educational program on diabetes will consist of lectures and trainings
conducted by the best specialists on diabetes (endocrinlogists,
nutritionists, etc.). The official languge of the camp will be English.

Number of children to come

Over 130 campers. About or more than 80-90 should be 7 to 14. And the rest
is to be 15-18 y. o. Total number of children and teenagers (including
russian children) is 230-250. The number may increase.

Who may come

Boys and girls with diabetes, including those who recently diagnosed from
any country except for those experiencing civil war or unstable goverment.
Children from these countries may come only if they can reach the special
permision from russian authorities.

Staff of the camp

The staff includes high officers (Directors for different kinds of
activities, PR, relations with authorities, medical assistance, etc.),
foreign representatives (volunteer doctors and members of diabetes
associations, parents, etc.), who check activities and help in control and
organization, medical personnel (russian and foreign doctors and nurses,
including students, some with diabetes too, overall number about 18-20
people), counselors (or coordinators in russian tradition) who are with
diabetes too (including russian people who passed CIT courses in the US and
other countries), qualified cookers and nutritionists, craftsmen on dif.
activities, etc. We accept coming of any special staff from abroad. Medical
staff has not its aim to control every move of a child, but to be next every
moment when help is needed.

Invited doctors (special guests)

Famous doctors who have scientific degrees are invited to deliver lectures
and conduct seminars in the camp. They will not live there, their mission is
education and exchange of knowledges with collegues from abroad (volunteer
doctors who come). Doctors will represent medical universities of Moscow,
Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and the Academy of Science of Russian


There should be of course camper cabins, health center, separate shower
houses, playing areas, swimming pools and other facilities providing
children with full comfort and enjoyment.

Tourist trip

Different tourist trips will be organized of older children and teenagers.
Qulified doctor and coordinators will go with small groups of 6-8 children
in trips around mystical Urals nature.


Insulines and test-strips will be provided by following companies: Lilly,
Novo Nordisk, Aventis, LifeScan (Basic and Profile only), Roche Glukotrend,
Bayer Esprit and Elite. Those who has other equipment should supplies


Insulin pumpers may go only if they have MiniMed pump (supplies and
quailfied personnel are available in Russia), if you have other pump - don't
worry situation is to be changed to summer time.


Campers pay for tickets to Russia, Yekaterinburg and back. One week of
residence costs about $100-$150 (Detailed calculation is not complete yet).

Today we need your assistance and help to make this plan better. We accept
any ideas, help, wishes.

We hope you and your organization will take part in this activity

For receiving detail information how children from your state/country may
join the International Camp please write

email @ redacted or email @ redacted

 (You should fill in our special inquiry blank first.)

Our post address is

14 app. Agronomicheskaya str. 6,

Our phone/fax:

+7 3432 770395
+7 3432 205989

With best regards,

Ivan Pustovalov,
international relations manager
of the Yekaterinburg Diabetes Association
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