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[IP] MiniMed's New Quick-set Infusion Set - Help With Bubbles

I have just switched to MiniMed's new Quick-set infusion set.  It's a great
infusion set - extremely easy to insert, doesn't require the layers of tape
to hold in place that previous sets require, and the connect/disconnect
couldn't be simpler.  All-in-all, it's A++++.

The only problem I've encountered is that the redesigned connection to the
reservoir seems more prone to trapping air bubbles than its predecessor.
They have designed in depressions on either side of the connection,
presumably to give a better grip (although I don't know why), and now it is
very hard to see if bubbles are trapped in the junction between the top of
the reservoir and the beginning of the tubing.  With some patience and the
old tricks I've learned from the members on this list, I finally get them
all out.  But I thought I'd poll any new users of the Quick-set and see if
someone has any new ideas to try.
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