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[IP] Christa-looking for advice

Regarding going low after the two hour recheck time. I sometimes do that
depending on my activity. The 120 reading two hours after eating sounds great
kind of showing that you are measuring the carb:insulin ratio correctly.
Perhaps your basal rate is too high for that time of day.

For instance my carb:insulin ratio is 15 grams of carbs to one unit of
insulin. When I recheck two hours later, my BG readings are usually 130-150, I
have learned not to correct them because after 3 PM or so I am out on home
visits and am definitely more active, my blood sugar typically drops 60 points
for one unit of insulin. I have learned to ignore the 150-180 readings because
I know if I make a correction bolus, I will be too low to do the work I need
to do. I have also lowered the mid-afternoon basal rate by .1, waited a few
days to see if the change corrected the problem or made me two high.

The beauty of the pump is that you can make changes to see how they work out,
making little changes generally won't cause too many problems. Sometimes take
certain foods into consideration too, some foods may cause your high sugars to
linger a little bit while some food may cause lower sugars. Everybody is
different and proceed with caution, if you can't figure it out, make sure you
talk to your doctor or diabetes educator. Happy pumping and happy holidays.
Sharon and Blue Gumby (B. Gumby)

Guess what! Up north Michigan is getting a white Christmas as we speak!
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