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Re: [IP] Convince me everyone and Help me decide

Mark wrote:

>My diagnosis was 41 years ago.  In the past month, I have began to
>seriously coinsider the pump.  Currently, I am on 3 injections of H and
>2 injections of U per day.  My last 3 A1C's have been 6.3
>Could any of you give me your opinions on the pumps you are using??
>I am looking at all the major brands.  Then after convincing my wife, I
>hope the insurance will pick up most of the tab.

Well, since I've already been plagiarized by Jan H. (and do I remember 
saying all those things?) ;o)  I've been on my Disetronic H-Tron Plus for 
almost 2 years now.  Would I ever even consider going back to injections 
now?  No way!  I chose my H-Tron Plus pump mostly for the 2-pump deal.  I 
never want to even consider injections should there be a problem with my 
pump, and while I wait for a replacement.  My A1c's before pumping were 
always in the 5 range, after pumping they are still so.  The difference 
here is all the FREEDOM pumping has given me.  I can eat what I want, when 
I want with none of the serious effects that I had on shots.  I can go to 
bed with a bg of 100 and wake up with a 98.  I can skip bedtime snacks and 
have lost 25 pounds since I started pumping.  My husband says that the pump 
has literally changed our lives and now he wishes we had known about it 
sooner.  If I have lows, they are very mild, I will only drop so much and 
then stop.  I've not ended up with a 12 or 13 bg since I've been on the 
pump (these were very common for me on injections).  I rarely end up over 
200.  I no longer ride the bg rollercoaster.  I can check my bgs and be in 
a great range all day, even after eating homemade cinnamon rolls and 
chocolate chip cookies all day (like yesterday).  For me, after 38 years of 
diabetes, the pump has truly been a lifesaver.  YMMV.

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