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[IP] Re: Life since the pump

Hi All and Happy Holidays,

I would have never believed that I would have been able to go to bed at night 
at not worry about my son's diabetes.  Of course there is always that "pit of 
your stomach" worry but not the day to day stuff that we experienced in the 
beginning.  My 14 year old son was dx'd at 11 and began the pump at 12.  I am 
amazed at his maturity and skill. He just does it with ease.  He started High 
School this year-not many people know he has diabetes (he just moved from 
public school to a Catholic High School) I am amazed at the difference.  He 
was able to be one of the kids, not the kid with diabetes.  I know other 
parents out there feel the same. I can't imagine doing what he does when I 
was 14.  We will hit the 3 year milestone on the pump in January.  It has to 
be the best thing we've done since this disease hit our family. I will say a 
special prayer tonight at Christmas Eve Mass.  Please keep us all healthy, 
safe, and please let there be a cure soon.  Take care.
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