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[IP] looking for some advice

I am having a problem and wondered if anyone has any
advice.  I am on a pump - I am taking my bolus as soon
as I am about to eat and at the two hour mark I am
under 120 but then I end up low at the three hour mark
- any ideas?  My numbers have been really low for the
most part 34-89 except for some other post meals that
were too high - I am baffled since the opposite
effects are going on after meals.  This morning I
tested two hours after breakfast - I was 167 so I
bolused to correct and tested a 1/2 hour later and was
95 so the extra insulin I had taken pushed me below to
40 before lunch - ugh!  I had lots of lows in my last
pregnancy but don't remember this.  I think I had
perfect control before getting  - not alot of lows and
almost no highs so all of these lows are killing me. 
thanks for letting me vent - I see my doctor on Tues. 
Hopefully he won't suggest major changes cause I have
found major changes can cause highs - my system is
sensitive I guess.   christa

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