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[IP] Re: Thirsty after starting on pump

<< From: "Brenda Moore" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Thirsty after starting on pump

Happy Holidays everyone!  I just started on my pump last Monday and since 
that time it seems like I'm thirsty all the time even though my blood sugars 
have been great.  Has anyone else found this to happen and if so does anyone 
know what causes this? >>

YESYESYES!  It drove me NUTS.  I was so thirsty I can't even tell you.  I 
asked my endo and my regular doctor and no one could come up with a reason.  
I did internet searches, even on Medline, and the only reason they gave for 
thirst was uncontrolled diabetes (nope) or having a salty meal (nope) or 
taking antihistamines (nope).  I was completely frustrated and never did find 
a reason.

It lasted for a couple of weeks and then went away.  Go figure.

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