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On the lines of having the pump because you have diabetes bad....

I loved it when people say "well I only have to take two shots" or 
the amount of insulin the require. 

I was at the fertility clinic (yes we are still trying) and the nurses 
asked if I would feel comfortable talking to a diabetic about the 
pump. She's had several miscarriages and the doctors think that 
it's because her blood sugars aren't controlled. 

I did talk with her. She's had diabetes since she was 14 and didn't 
know what type she had, what her Ha1c was and said that she had 
taken the same amount of insulin since she was 17(about 15 
years). She has never seen an Endo. She said she didn't think she 
had diabetes that bad.

All I could do was tell her what I do and the nurse was there and 
told her that her Ha1c was 13.4. The nurse told her that having 
miscarriages was going to still happen unless she got her diabetes 
under control. I gave her my primary and endo's name and number, 
and my email address. She's an intelligent woman but just needs 
to be educated about her diabetes. She said her family just ingored 
it as she was growing up.

Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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