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[IP] re:diabetes types

>You assume that current age is what counts. But actually it is the age at 
diagnosis that is important. For example, I am a Type 1 and my  age is 69. 
How do I know I am Type 1? Because I was diagnosed at age 10 in DKA.<

There was no assumption for age stated.  Anyone can get type 1 at any age.  
Auto-immune conditions have no age discrimination.

Age at diagnosis IS important, but it is only part of the picture. There have 
been many people diagnosed as type 2 when they were more likely type 1, based 
on other symptoms and history.  DKA is a classic sign of type 1.

It is wonderful that you have managed the challenges of type 1 for  the past 
59 years.  It is terrific that you have a pump that has reversed some of the 
problems you have had with BG management.

The information I sent is available from ADA resources.

Merry Christmas!

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