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Re: [IP] Re: Age at Diagnoses

Sarah Flewelling wrote:

> I was 20, was diagnosed with "gestational diabetes" 

I had my son at age 25 3/4 and DIDN'T have gestational diabetes. For
significance of this fact, see below.

>   It took me 3 months of being on half a dozen
> drugs for type 2 that weren't doing a thing, to finally "see the light" and
> find a new Dr, who finally did antibody testing which confirmed type 1 and
> got me back on insulin. 

Sounds so familiar -- I was 44 when I developed diabetes and when it
started to go downhill, I was on sulfs for 5 months and they didn't do

> Thankfully for me I developed D rather slowly, and
> was able to manage for so long without going into DKA, while my #'s never
> came down on the meds.  Every time I called my Dr about all my high #'s, she
> just gave me this "You have to give the meds more time to work" line..
> finally I couldn't take anymore.

This sounds SO familiar -- sometimes I wish I HAD gone into DKA, because
it would have saved me months of agony! 
> I'm not trying to start an argument, that was just my experience. I realize
> that the way I presented with D is not exactly standard, but no Dr should
> have "assumed" I could only be a type 2.

I was assumed to be a Type 2 because I was overweight at diagnosis, but
the problem was really insulin deficiency, and I was eating everything
but the kitchen sink because I was so hungry -- I had enough insulin
production to prevent ketosis, but not enough to quell the hunger pangs.
The interesting thing is that I was not GAINING weight, even though I
was eating so much. I think, eventually, it would have gone into crisis,
but I'm grateful that I went on insulin before that. What did happen is
that once I went on insulin, I stopped being so hungry all the time, I
lost weight, and am now around BMI 25 (except during holiday season!!!)

Doctors are taught "if you hear hoofbeats, think horse, not zebra" which
means think in common terms first, but the fact is that some of us ARE
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