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[IP] Re: diabetes types

 Sat, 22 Dec 2001 18:50:58 EST  email @ redacted wrote:
> Just a point to make here:
> The incidence of Type 2 in children IS increasing.
> There is a condition called maturity onset diabetes of youth (aka MODY)
> which is inherited. There are mis-diagnosed Type 1's who are NOT skinny.
> There are adults over 35- 40 who are type 1, but their symptoms and
> progression of beta cell loss is slower than in children or younger
> There are type 1's whose family history includes type 2, and these people
> may have a combination of both types.
> Type 2 diabetes has more than 20 sub-sets.

Tom replied:
You assume that current age is what counts. But actually it is the age
at diagnosis that is important. For example, I am a Type 1 and my age is 69.
How do I know I am Type 1? Because I was diagnosed at age 10 in DKA. >>>

I sure don't see how one can ass-u-me Barb was talking about current age
counting as to which type DMer one is. Where did her post imply that??? We
have learned that some will *acquire* Type 2 along with Type 1 after many
years, but after reading Barb's post a few times, I just cannot detect any
assumption of current age being the determinate. I was diagnossed Type 1 at
age 11 in a coma - past the DKA stage. YMMV (~_^)

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