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[IP] Re: Age at Diagnoses

>>>>You assume that current age is what counts. But actually it is the age
at diagnosis that is important. For example, I am a Type 1 and my age
is 69. How do I know I am Type 1? Because I was diagnosed at age 10 in

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pump 1995

Actually, "age" doesn't seem to have any bearing anymore, at least at
present from what I've seen.  It seems that unless you present in DKA, Dr's
seem to be reluctant to consider anything but Type 2, especially with the
increasing rates of type 2 in the general population, and amoung children.

I was 20, was diagnosed with "gestational diabetes" when I had some
bloodwork done that came back with a blood glucose in the 400's, and then a
subsequent GTT where I failed so bad I didn't know you could actually do so
bad. I had blood sugars in the 300-400 range, and the first Dr I saw about
having D after I had my son had her mind made up that I couldn't possibly be
anything but a type 2, even though I had no family history of type 2, I was
20 at the time, and at a very normal weight for my height (5'7" and 155lbs 6
weeks after having a baby).  She refused to even do the right kinds of
testing to know for sure.  It took me 3 months of being on half a dozen
drugs for type 2 that weren't doing a thing, to finally "see the light" and
find a new Dr, who finally did antibody testing which confirmed type 1 and
got me back on insulin.  Thankfully for me I developed D rather slowly, and
was able to manage for so long without going into DKA, while my #'s never
came down on the meds.  Every time I called my Dr about all my high #'s, she
just gave me this "You have to give the meds more time to work" line..
finally I couldn't take anymore.

I'm not trying to start an argument, that was just my experience. I realize
that the way I presented with D is not exactly standard, but no Dr should
have "assumed" I could only be a type 2.

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