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[IP] Re: glucose

> Cherry,
> Carry chocolate, hard candy, powdered candy, granola bars, whatever.
> matter.

Well, that sounds like good advice, but nix the chocolate Cherry (pun
intended) ;) If you're concerned about candies turning to powder, imagine
what warm chocolate will be like reaching into your bag - and more
important, the fat slowwwwws the absorption of the carbs. Read the labels of
the many choices in your local nearby grocery for nutrition values and don't
carry anything with fat in it. There are lots of candies that are pure
carbs. I personally like the gummy-type orange slices - 12g carb each with
no fat. They are soft which will not result in my spending another $800 on a
broken tooth (3 so far) trying to get one down in a hurry. I put 5-6 in a
zipper-type snack bag, then that inside another one to retain freshness. We
all have our favorites. The next time you are in a chicken house that serves
rolls you can even pick up a couple extra packets of honey. (~_^)

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