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[IP] Re: IP] Sugar diabetes

 > Subject: Re: [IP] Sugar diabetes
  > > Thanks for all the input. Now I know why I've never heard it. I'm 
from Washington...LOL. If I lived in The South, I'm sure I would have heard 
it sooner.
 > > Michelle and Booper

  > Where in Washington are you? I live here too. I live east of Mt Vernon. 
Jeanne type 1 3/83 pump 3/98

I too am from Washington (state), and had never heard of the term "oh you 
have a touch of sugar" (or something similar) for diabetes.

There ARE other forms of Diabetes btw...

Had a lecture from an older woman once when she heard I had Diabetes and 
saw me eating ice cream.  Heard the proverbial story of how I was going to 
die if I ate that and how she knew people that lost this and that etc.  No 
amount of explanation could convince this woman that it was okay for me to 
eat the ice cream. *sigh* Why do folks tell you about people they know/knew 
who had diabetes and had probs or died?  Like someone else pointed out, do 
others say these  things to other folks with other diseases when they meet 

End of rant...

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