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[IP] Glucose Tablets was Re:Thought I heard it all

>Hi fellow pumpers,
>I've been following the "Thought I heard it all" thread with great interest
>(and extreme irritation at the store manager who started it all!).  Now it
>has taken a turn to how you should always carry glucose tablets (or whatever
>works) with you at all time.  I agree that it is fairly easy to find
>something to carry with that can bring up a low blood sugar, my problem has
>been that I don't know I'm having a low until it's too late sometimes.  And
>by that time I've become too dumb (from lack of glucose to the brain) to
>remember I have them or what to do with them.  Most of the time it doesn't
>get that bad but I'm sure we've all experienced having a low while carrying
>glucose within reach and not remembering it was there or what to do!  Any
>kindest regards,

Hi Shannon,

I too know what it's like to not be aware of being low until it's too 
late.  This happened a lot to me when I was on shots.  Luckily my husband 
can tell right away, he says my voice and the way I talk changes.  I do 
check my bg fairly often, in the hopes of catching any lows before they get 
too low.  It is embarrassing for me to go low in public, I always feel like 
I've made such a spectacle of myself.  Luckily for me, with the pump, my 
lows are not quite so severe and they tend to stabilize.  I will only drop 
so much and then stop and stay there.  And, it just takes a little bit to 
bring me back up.  So, in that respect, the pump has helped me 
tremendously.  YMMV.

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