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Re: [IP] Glucose Tablets

>Hi, thanks for the suggestions on the alternatives...I must admit I never
>thought of them...you know, after years of being brainwashed by the medical
>personnel about not using candy and always using the glucose tabs...
>One question though...how do you manage not to end up with nothing but powder
>with the candy? I am afraid that my purse is crammed full with pills and
>machines and whatnot that the candy might get pulverized before I can get to
>And RL...you took all of the fun away by taking the chocolate away! hehehe
>that is my one true weakness! lol :-P

Cherry that's why chocolate is for pure enjoyment, not lows. ;o)  I don't 
have too much trouble with Neccos in my purse, and if you've ever seen MY 
purse you'd wonder how the heck I get all that junk in there! 
hehe  Occasionally they might break a bit, but they never turn to powder, 
and I think that the big rolls of Sweet Tarts are pretty strong, it would 
take a hammer to pulverize them into powder, I think.  Just look around the 
grocery store the next time you go and see what looks interesting to 
you.  Another nice thing about the candy is they put the nutrition stuff on 
the labels, so you can figure before hand exactly how many pieces will 
equal 15g of carb.

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