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[IP] Place to keep glucose

Hello, all,

One handy spot that works for my daughter when she wears sneakers (and she 
has several pairs.... the ones she wears most of the time, the tennis ones 
and the soccer shoes) is to attach one of those little pockets that is made 
so that runners can carry a key.  The little pocket has a piece of velcro 
that runs under the laces and then over the pocket so it is held steady.  She 
keeps those on all of her sneakers and can fit 5 glucose tabs in there.  That 
way, unless she is wearing something other than sneakers, she always knows 
she has glucose with her, not matter where she is.  I have one on my sneakers 
as well, just for an extra supply.

To prevent glucose and food from getting crushed in my purse, I carry a very 
small tupperware-type of thing.  Less fishing around.

Happy holidays!


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