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[IP] to answer Shannon's question

 my last post has gotten so many responses it is great. 
If you did not know by now I am unaware of when my b/g is going low. My other 
half can tell just by looking at me that I am going low. We were Christmas 
shopping for each other so I was not next to him in the store. We go no place 
without the cooler in the car and a backpack with everything in it to take 
care of a 100 low sugars. The problem was I was on one side of the store and 
he was on the other side. As soon as he heard something was going on he knew 
it was me.( standing in line to pay for his gifts) and he was there to do his 
job. He keeps the backpack because when I go low I want to fight with him and 
will not let him have the back pack.
  I don't know about the rest of you but I always say I am fine and don't 
need any help and get upset that he is worrying to much.

                                             Pam and Eeyore
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