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RE[IP] Dumb things people say

In a message dated 12/21/01 3:01:27 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I have had people turn around and "hide" their dessert plate from me and 
say, "You can't have this!"  That is so annoying. >>
My parents still do that to me.  I have been pumping 6 YEARS, and they still say 'They have great
desserts there, too bad you can't have them'.  They also always offer me sugar free cardboard
cookies.  I have tried to explain that I can eat whatever I want, but they refuse to absorb the
information.  I can feel myself tense up when they say it, too.   But they are in their 80's, and
I guess I have to just learn to ignore their comments.  If there are other desserts to choose
from, I just eat them in front of them.  You'd think that they would remember that the next time
I'm with them!  And the funniest thing is that Dad is a type 2, and he often eats regular

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