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Re: [IP] Glucose Tablets was Re:Thought I heard it all

>I don't mean to sound rude or ornery, but this is extremely hard to do for
>some people.
>For instance...I don't drive and the closest pharmacy is 1 hour away...and the
>closest store like Wal-Mart is over 2 hours away. I live by a Indian
>reservation and as we all know they have an incredibly high occurrence of
>diabetes, so by the time I manage to get out to the pharmacy or the store once
>a month, there is hardly ever any glucose tablets...
>We all KNOW that we need to carry them around, but for people like me, that is
>very hard to do sometimes...
>please be careful how you word things...we all try to do the best we can.
>Cherry and Jubilee

Hi Cherry, there are lots of things that you can carry around that you 
don't have to get at a pharmacy.  I never carry glucose tabs, I'm afraid 
that I find that they taste too gross for me.  My choice at this time are 
Neccos candies.  Another good one is Sweet Tarts.  Any candy that's pretty 
much glucose, excluding chocolate because of the fat which can slow down 
the absorption, is a good choice.  :o)

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